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Boston Terrier: 

Gallery of Champions:

Ch Ri-Ja's Driftwood Bella Luna  "Bella"

Ch Doc's Whatever Lola Wants!  "Lola"

Ch Chessel's Daddy's Boy  "Bernie"



    Current Contender:




Best in Show Winners:

Ch Evergreen's Miss Congeniality "Genie"


Bulldog0001.jpg (31633 bytes)                bulldog0002.jpg (57737 bytes)              bulldog0003.jpg (64878 bytes)

Ch Hetherbull Arrogant Ronald             Ch Evergreen's Rawhide                     Ch Evergreen's Top Gun

shorty01.jpg (43702 bytes)                     Stan-Wilbur.jpg (33492 bytes)                     Bulldog1.jpg (43848 bytes)

Ch Evergreen Blitz of Frogtown             Ch Evergreen's Roadrunner              Ch Evergreen's Liberty Bell

Huey1.jpg (32874 bytes)                           

Ch Evergreen's Hustle Muscle (Huey)       Ch Evergreen's Hullabaloo Hustle "Gracie"

Past Contenders:




GCh Magic Valleys Purple Rain  "Symbol"

Ch Evergreen's Miss Congeniality  "Genie"

Genie awarded Best in Specialty Show under breeder/judge Wayne Brower at the Bulldog Club of Iowa


 StanBulldog8.jpg (33454 bytes) StanBulldog9.jpg (43059 bytes) StanBulldog10.jpg (44359 bytes) StanBulldog11.jpg (37967 bytes)




Ch Evergreen's Miss Congeniality  "Genie"


Ch Evergreen's Miss Congeniality "Genie"



      Group First Winners:

GCh Evergreen's Hey! Gorgeous  "Carrie"



Gallery of Champions:


Ch Evergreen's Sir Lancelot



Ch Sittingbullies Chasin' The Dream  "Dreamer"


Ch Evergreen's For The Love Of Ivy  "Ivy"


GCh Barrister Exact Classic Mortimer


Ch Evergreen's I've Gotta Be Me  "Sammy"

Ch Bullion Diamond Hamilton


Ch Empire's Mighty Thor


Ch Evergreen's Do The Hustle  "Bullseye"


Ch Katandy's Ammunition  "Ammo"


Ch Spivey's Wonderful Wizard  "Oz"




Ch Evergreens's Suddenly Famous  "Pippa"



Ch Exact Classic Black Bart  "Bart"


Ch Evergreen's Street Sense "Streeter"




Ch Evergreen's Come Dance With Me  "Beulah"                    Ch Evergreen's Let's Hustle "Zeus"

           stan0009.jpg (69481 bytes)                     stan0008.jpg (69602 bytes)

               Ch Evergeen's Steuben                            Ch Evergreen's Lalique 

             StanBulldog04.jpg (30764 bytes)               StanBulldog05.jpg (41556 bytes)

        Ch Evergreen's Chubby Hubby      Ch Evergreen's Big Shooter

StanBulldog06.jpg (20032 bytes)               stan0006.jpg (62958 bytes)

Ch Evergreen's Hey! Handsome          Ch Evergreen's Hey! Gorgeous 



Bismark Kennel Club Newspaper Article 8 -4-10

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Westminster Article about Huey in the Drummer 3-1-09

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Westminster Article about Huey in the Star-Tribune 2-12-09

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Westminster Article about Huey in the Star-Tribune 2-4-09

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Westminster TV Clip about Huey on WCCO-TV, 2-3-09

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French Bulldogs:

Frenchie Article (Click Here)

Best in Show Winners!



StanFrenchie01.jpg (62759 bytes)                    magnolia.jpg (35653 bytes)

Ch Sonlit Daring Esprit "Duggie"        Ch Lefox Goodtime Steel Magnolia 

StanFrenchie02.jpg (75330 bytes)                    StanFrenchie04.jpg (61686 bytes)

Ch Lefox Some Like It Hot          Ch Lefox Bushaway Johnie Holiday

StanFrenchie03.jpg (87990 bytes)                      fargo0001.jpg (54669 bytes)

Ch. Affabull's King of Diamonds                  Ch Lebull's Fargo

 StanFrenchie22.jpg (54303 bytes)                       

Ch Too Hot To Handle (Tony)          Ch Bella Ridge Lebull's Let's Be Frank (Frank)

French Bulldog Club of America National Specialty Winners:

   StanFrenchie23.jpg (48107 bytes)                  

Ch Vancroft Lefox American Boy        Ch Too Hot to Handle (Tony)

Ch Grandslam King of Clay "Rafael"

--Completed his championship at the National Specialty--

BOS Top Twenty

GCh Evergreen's Girls In vWhite Dresses

Current Contender:

GCh Katzenjammer King of Cool "McQueen"



Past Contenders:




Gold GCh Counterpunch Granslam Homerun "Adam"

Gold GCh Counterpunch Grandslam Homerun "Adam"





Ch Grandslam The Skipper "Jonas"


Ch Grandslam the Skipper "Jonas"









Contender in 2013:



Ch Evergreen's Girls in White Dresses  "Liesel"



Contender In 2011:

Ch Evergreen's Honey Glazed Hamlet

Ch Evergreen's Honey Glazed Hamlet

 Ch Skosh of Evergreen Bella Ridge at Behold "Skosh"


Contender In 2010:


Ch Evergreen's Cause for Applause

We are most proud of Cause for Applause for her recent award of Select Bitch

at the French Bulldog Club of America National Specialty under judge Edd Bivin




             Ch Evergreen's Lavish Looks "Sassy"                          

Top Dogs At Home: 

  French1.jpg (47292 bytes)                  Stan-Troy.jpg (29082 bytes)

Ch Evergreen Just Jack Lefox (Jack)      Ch Starhaven Center Stage Lefox "Troy"


Gallery of Champions:

Ch Vancroft's Misbehavin At Evergreen  "Maggie"


Ch Katzenjammers Bella Ridge Salma's A Beauty

Ch Katzenjammers Bella Ridge Sofie's A Beauty


Ch Katzenjammers Georgia Is A Beauty


Ch Katzenjammers Gus



Ch  Katzenjammers Bella Ridge Sighrd



Ch Evergreen's Lindy Hop


Ch Grandslam Elizabeth At Evergreen


Ch Head's Smokey Valley White Magic


Ch Charmant Barefoot Contessa At Evergreen  "Ava"






Ch Vancroft Force To Reckon With At Evergreen "Max"


Ch Vancroft Something Good at Evergreen  "Louisa"


Ch Grandslam Bella Ridge Genevieve "Genny"

Ch Counterpunch Violet of Evergreen "Violet"

Ch Counterpunch Oh Yeah! Baby "Usher"

Ch Evergreen's Simply Irresistible at Brandmar "Olivia"


Ch Grandslam Queen of Clay 


Ch Counterpunch Grandslam Homerun

Ch Grandslam The Millionaire  "Pickles"

Ch Katzinjammer's Slyvie's A Beauty  "Slyvie"

Ch Katzenjammer's Gracie's A Beauty  "Gracie"


Ch Evergreen Grandslam Rebel Without A Cause "James"


Ch Banyan TX Star's So Much To Say "Gabby"


Ch Kingfriend Miss Serena  "Serena:


Ch Grandslam Queen of Grass  "Martina"




Ch Grandslam Santa Baby  "Harrietta"

Ch Evergreen's Heart Like Mine  "Miranda"

Ch Grandslam Man From Krypton  "Kal-El"

Ch Grandslam French Kiss

Ch Miradon Bullet Proof

Ch Liberty's Evergreen Creme Brulee




Ch Evergreen's Return Engagement  "Woody"

Ch Liberty's Evergreen Chubby Hubby ONX  "Naveen"

Ch Evergreen's Drop of Golden Sun  "Marcel"

Ch Evergreen's Rain Drops on Roses  "Marta"

Ch Napachai Tyla  "Tyla"

Ch Evergreen's Waves Upon the Sand "Kurt"

Ch Evergreen's Girls in White Dresses  "Liesel"

Ch Evergreen's Will O' the Wisp at Vancroft  "Briggitta"

Ch Urban's Rock Candy!  "Rocky"

Ch Urban's Sugar Buzz!  

Ch Hotei Itoba Peace of Cake  "Spot" 

Ch Evergreen's Hold Me Close  "Cori"

Ch Grandslam Noisette  "Hazel"             Ch Jarnett's Dynamite Dolomite



StanFrenchie16.jpg (21880 bytes)              StanFrenchie11.jpg (45838 bytes)               StanFrenchie10.jpg (52668 bytes)

 Ch Grandslam Pride of Siam "Smokey"   Ch Evergreen's Work of Art "Suzy"   Ch Grandslam American Gladiator


Ch Grandslam Smithfield "Smitty"


Ch Urban's Sunshine After the Rain

StanFrenchie24.jpg (30550 bytes)             StanFrenchie19.jpg (45732 bytes)              StanFrenchie18.jpg (44537 bytes)

Evergreen's Honey-Glazed Hamlet    Ch Grandslam Hormel "Mel"       Ch Grandslam Happy Feet "Mumble"

StanFrenchie21.jpg (40891 bytes)               StanFrenchie20.jpg (46887 bytes)               StanFrenchie17.jpg (45221 bytes)

Ch. Grandslam Patek Philippe          Ch Grandslam Breguet       Ch LeBull's Rant-n-Raven Chato  

StanFrenchie05.jpg (33837 bytes)                   StanFrenchie06.jpg (28400 bytes)                    Grandslam1.jpg (35677 bytes)

Ch.Bella Ridge LeBull's Affair of the Heart    Ch.PeachHill's Snug at Behold 'Snug'   Ch Grandslam Double-O-Seven

 stan0010.jpg (40729 bytes)              stan0014.jpg (53027 bytes)              stan0015.jpg (61361 bytes)

        Ch Aftabulls Girls Best Friend              Ch Lefox Bling-Bling        Ch Grandslam Harry Casts a Spell

stan0012.jpg (49835 bytes) StanFrenchie09.jpg (14057 bytes)          stan0011.jpg (61493 bytes)             stan0013.jpg (86197 bytes)

Ch Evergreen's Deck the Halls (Decker)        Ch Evergreen's Christmas Eve    Ch Evergreen's Christmas Holly

StanFrenchie07.jpg (27223 bytes)                      StanFrenchie08.jpg (43639 bytes)                                 F014.jpg (35405 bytes)

Ch Grandslam Penguin Song (Gloria)   Ch Grandslam Sunny Side Up (Sunny)    Ch Txstar's Fixin' to Party With LeBull "Willie"

F015.jpg (27218 bytes)                       F016.jpg (30424 bytes)                F017.jpg (39115 bytes)

Ch Zangas Do We Cheatum and How "Howie"         Ch Evergreen's Pretty Mary         Ch Evergreen's Magic Dragon "Billy"